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Stirling Bosch Capital


Stirling Bosch is a proprietary trading firm based in London. We are a collective of individuals that trade our own capital identifying market opportunities.

Stirling Bosch invest primarily with the use of quantitative trading, a lucrative field that provides exciting challenges in predictive modelling, systems engineering, computer science and finance. We combine huge amounts of data, intense computing power, financial expertise and intuition to develop sophisticated trading models.

Investment Strategies 

Currency Trading

The currency markets are extremely liquid, and extremely high risk. Years of discretionary trading has enabled an understanding of the inter-connectivity of almost every currency pair, and how a small move with one positively correlated asset can translate to a larger move elsewhere. We have developed a number of algorithms that identify trends and momentum breakouts based on the volume, market depth and specific sentiment of the market. Using complex models such as the Crowd Behavioural Flow Model, we have created programs that capitalise on large breakouts identified through trading patterns, and continue to profit after successfully identifying a trend.


Statistical Arbitrage

Statistical arbitrage, or StatArb, as opposed to (deterministic) arbitrage, is related to the statistical mis-pricing of one or more assets based on the expected value of these assets. As a trading strategy, statistical arbitrage is a heavily quantitative and computational approach to equity trading.


Event Driven Derivatives

Earnings announcements are public announcements that display a company’s earnings, or lack thereof. These usually take place on a quarterly basis.” It’s important to understand how earnings can affect an underlying, as well as that underlying’s option market. 


Fund Management

We understand and recognise that diversification is key to a successful and sustainable portfolio. Whilst we feel that our company has a vast array of talent, we also know that it would be impossible and irresponsible to not take full advantage of the talent elsewhere in the world.

Different assets

We work with FCA regulated prime brokers that allow us to execute orders on the FIX network and enable access to over 125 different asset classes.


Avg Monthly Return

Considering we trade our own capital, we are enabled to take larger calculated risk than we would otherwise when trading. This has enabled a large consistent return.

Experienced Advisers 

Our team may be small, but our experience certainly is not. We each have worked in different sectors of the Financial Services industry, and bring our own insight and objectivity when trading.


Collectively, we have been able to invest £1.5 million of our own capital. With compounded interest and consistent returns, we hope to reach £10m under management by the end of 2020. 

How We Work. Our Mission & Values

Our firm is guided by its core values of championing honesty, rewarding excellence, continuously learning, solving problems together, and earning the win. We succeed by approaching each day like it’s the first. In markets around the world, we work relentlessly to uncover and capture new opportunities. Across a diverse range of investment strategies, we deploy our capital with the goal of generating industry leading investment results for our capital.

"Fundamentally, our aim is to recognise the early stages of broader macro-economic trends as they begin to develop and use traditional fundamental and technical analysis to pinpoint where to enter and exit the market. By keeping things simple, it will allow us to compound growth over the coming years."

Maxwell Mayhew, Director.

"Changes in the political environment, the methods in which governments now intervene and monetary policy have created large market divergences over the past few years. This has created intense volatility, and opportunities for us capitalise. Correlative markets have been very good to us, and these opportunities are ones not to be missed"

Samuel Coleman, Director


Get In Touch

We are always on the lookout for exceptional talent to join our team and help grow the Stirling Bosch ‘nest-egg’. We are looking for experienced Options, Futures and Equities traders with a verifiable track record. If this sounds like you, get in touch today!

Stirling Bosch Capital

Stirling Bosch is currently reviewing options to become a regulated financial management entity and take on external capital. At this time, we do not and will not offer any financial services. This website is for informative purposes only.